Be Green With Envy!




Green Energy Features

The Columns at Rockwell Place are a terrific example of eco-friendly construction and a green, comfortable lifestyle. These homes are resource-efficient with innovative solutions that are better for our environment and our community, Check out the features below, and contact us with any questions.  

LEED® Certification.  LEED® stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. LEED® certification, issued by the US Green Building Council, provides independent verification of a building’s or neighborhood’s green features. LEED® Certified buildings are resource-efficient, high-performing, healthy, cost-effective buildings that use less water and energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The energy savings that result from LEED®-certified construction also makes these homes affordable month-to-month and the advanced technology installed in every home provides for quiet performance and low operating costs. Certification is expected but cannot be issued until all the units in the building are complete.

Always in hot water:  Really! Your hot water comes from a state-of-the-art central condensing tankless water heater with an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating of 95%. A thermal efficiency rating of 95% means the water heater is eco-friendly too, because the system is also designed to limit wasting water. The condensing technology gives our water heater a head start: A heat exchanger captures the heat from the exiting exhaust and preheats the incoming cold water. You never have to worry about the “cold water sandwich” phenomenon because hot water’s always circulating in an ultra-high efficiency, well insulated circuit that generates both energy and water savings. Perhaps most importantly: The EcoBurner Technology is not only efficient and economical but burns with a “short flame” which dramatically reduces environmentally hazardous materials particularly CO and NOx. You'll always have hot water on demand, and the Earth will thank you! 

Higher standards of insulation installation, making for a more weather-tight home. The special construction standards used at The Columns eliminate wind infiltration using high performance closed cell insulation throughout the building. Your home will have low HERS Rating meaning that on the Home Energy Rating System, condominiums at The Columns will exceed Code Standards and are extremely energy efficient, helping to keep utility bills low.

Efficient “mini-split’ heat and cooling systems with sealed ductwork to reduce air leakage: Each home at The Columns has an individually controlled multi-split Heat Pump System for indoor comfort, control and peace of mind. These ultra-efficient cooling and heating units provide exceptional savings on utility bills. The Daikin system's advanced filtration  helps trap microscopic particles, decompose odors and reduce bacteria and viruses – and the filters are washable! Wireless controls include a LCD screen remote and display Econo Mode, Powerful Mode and more speeds for comfort and ease in handling. With a SEER of 18.9 and a heating performance rating of 12.5 HSPF, you’ll enjoy energy efficiency that typically reduces your energy consumption by 30% compared to conventional systems.  The system also  has Intelligent Eye Technology and detects movement in your home. Automatically changing to energy-saving mode when there’s no movement or smoothly resuming “normal” operation ensures a comfortable experience – and generating a savings that’s very coo

LED Lighting – Each home utilizes high efficiency LED lighting. Our high output “light emitting diodes” provide great light at a small fraction of the cost of traditional lighting. And they’re seen throughout common areas at The Columns as well as inside each home. Some of the units even have LED night lights in the bathrooms, which cost just 5 cents a year to operate! 

Electric Vehicle Charging Station – At The Columns, an EV station provides owners the opportunity to easily charge their vehicles while at home and hit the road running – while saving precious resources. 

ENERGY STAR® appliances: The EPA encourages energy conservation and all our appliances have earned the ENERGY STAR® rating. Each home has an ENERGY STAR® General Electric range, refrigerator, and microwave.

Low-E glass for doors and windows “Low-E” literally means low emissivity, which in turn means a surface that emits low levels of radiant heat. All surfaces reflect, absorb, and transmit heat. So, a Low-E coating on the windows at The Columns reduces the amount of that heat transferred or lost. To use a simple analogy, low-e glass works the same way a thermos does. A thermos has a silver lining, which reflects the temperature of the drink it contains back in. The temperature is maintained because of the constant reflection that occurs, as well as the insulating benefits that the air space provides between the inner and outer shells of the thermos. The same is true of the windows we’ve installed for all of the homes at The Columns – making life a little warmer in the winter and a little cooler in the summer.

Ventilation. The world’s one and only 100% pure convection wall heater is installed in each master bathroom. Envi Wall Heaters reduce heating costs by 50% and provide a safe, silent/sleep friendly, warm environment. Bathrooms are also equipped with the WhisperGreen ventilation system designed to provide “make up” air on a continuous basis using Panasonic’s Award winning “2016 Most Efficient/Best of Product” ENERGY STAR® venting fans. The high efficiency units feature quiet performance and long life.