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      Thinking Outside the Box

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      streetcarNorthampton has a wonderful mix of classic, historic, and contemporary homes -- you can see by the listings on Goggins' web site what I mean. There are even a few eclectic beauties tucked in here and there. When I am looking to see some new home concepts, one source I turn to is Houzz.com, which features dozens of eye-popping creations. In the age of reduce, reuse, recycle, a growing number of savvy, creative souls are thinking outside the box to build beautiful, unique, homes.

      Take, for instance, the sweet little house in Santa Cruz made from a streetcar -- one that once serviced the ocean-side city. Bright and colorful, it's a comfortable home that maintains its historic features. Train cars have been transformed as getaways, such as this cozy beach home in England.

      Then there are shipping containers: Corrugated, rectangular boxes of steel -- who would think you could make much of a house from these? This Quebec build makes a believer out of me. Some modern home owners just start with something simple, like a trailer, and have the building take shape from there. Then there is the tiny house that is a trailer!

      Perhaps my favorite is the floating home in Seattle. Chic, sharp, and elegant, it gives new meaning to "living on the water". But, if these types of houses are just not your style, perhaps something more subterranean is what you are looking for? Think of it as a metaphor for sticking your head in the sand, but in a good way.



      Cool Ranch: With the right dressing, your ranch-style home will be worth some green

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      Ranch style home in NorthamptonFull disclosure: my dream has been to start a company called “Cool Ranch” that does nothing but convert old, tired ranch houses into contemporary, design-forward homes. The problem is, what I’d like to do to most houses, few people could afford, and those that can want something bigger. That said, updating your ranch to be more contemporary, design-forward home doesn’t require a complete renovation.

      Ranch homes offer a variety of benefits as a design: most have no second floor so bedrooms are on the same floor as the kitchen, bathrooms, and living room. Ranch homes tend to be 1,500 square feet or less, so they are cheaper to own in terms of heating and cooling, and maintenance.

      Ranch Style Home on Deerfield Drive, Northampton, MAGoggins Real Estate, like many of the local agencies, has some terrific ranch-style homes for sale --  this one at 135 Deerfield Drive is a perfect example. They also tend to be more inexpensive (just check GogginsRealEstate.com and you’ll find 90% of the houses at around $200K are Ranch-style homes). So they are ideal for first-time home buyers, or empty-nesters looking to downsize.

      And since they are relatively affordable housing, if you budget correctly, you could update the look of your home and turn it into the house of your dreams.


      [houzz=http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/50079800/list/houzz-tour-ranch-house-changes-yield-big-results w=120]


      5 ideas for updating your Ranch:

      1. Convert the entrance from Ranch to Craftsman style

      2. Add an amazing deck

      3. Plant some colorful shrubs and trees

      4. Change up your color scheme

      5. Shed some new light on your house


      These are just a few ideas to get you started. Interested in finding a ranch to call your own? Text, email, or call me! 




      Sam Mead is a licensed agent with Goggins Real Estate